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Aydelott Family

I can’t believe how big the Aydelott kids got since the last time I saw them!  Emily is now 1 and Dylan is 2 andView full post »

Stos Family

Danny, Amanda, and Brandon are always so much fun to hang around with, and photographing them is no different.  If youView full post »

Gunther Family

As I have said before, it is always great to see my old neighbors the Gunther’s! I just can’t believe howView full post »

Ayden’s Marvel Superhero 6th Birthday Bash!

So Ayden turned 6! 6!!  It just seems so old! Even Ayden says he feels older now. Haha. This year he really wanted aView full post »

Chin Family

So this is not my first time photographing the Chin Family, but it was my first time photographing their beautiful newView full post »

Gunther Family

Its always fun seeing my favorite ex-neighbours. 🙂 The Gunther’s recently moved to Owasso not to long after theView full post »

Our Little Boo Just Turned 2!

Lil’ Mr. Kai Spooner had his second birthday!  My wife calls the poor kid “Boo Bear,” and with theView full post »

Aydelott Family

So here is the full post from my wonderful family shoot with the Aydelott family.  As I said….I have been trulyView full post »

Macro Photography

Ok so since I am talking about what I like lately…I wanted to share my love for macro photography….View full post »